Pennsylvania​/​/​Various Poets

by Pink Thunder



Collaborative poem by Travis Nichols, Joshua Beckman, Matthew Zapruder, Anthony McCann



In the forest writing on a tree

I found a tree

a naked tree

a big fucking deal tree

I've been your girlfriend for several minutes

and it's been grand but I must be going

to the starcase to climb a few

sprockets of Denver

to the balcony over these unbuttoned lights

* * *

if I could see it I would rip it up

goodbye, but don't forget the lilies

sweat-soaked and frond crossed

on the bed we shared

Now just alittle bit of
what WAS


and just a few minutes to find your


that's a fabulous idea

crossing Pennsylvania separately and not meeting until the border

when I will present you

to the authorities as the x factor

as the snapping conundrum of the Allegheny valley

as the summit named for the shittiest day in state history.

Then you will rise into the air mouthing

olive juice olive juice olive juice olive juice

like technology you are like technology

everything you do otherpeople wanttodoit too


released January 1, 2012



all rights reserved


Michael Zapruder Austin, Texas

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