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by Michael Zapruder

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jaredmatt Another phenomenal and inspired collection of songs from a great American songwriter and performer. Not to be missed. Favorite track: Latecomers.
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Latecomers 03:22
Oh latecomers come on in you’ve found yourselves a place to be with me Where you’ve been I’ve been there too There is a name for me and you Latecomers How I love you set me free There is a name for you and me Latecomers Whether it’s now or then there isn’t any when that’s really real Whether it’s then or now Forever I’ll tell you how I feel I love you
Our citizens are calling you we all have something in our hands Come in from your nameless lands to Super Avenue The candy that we chose to bring was made down in the catacombs beneath our old historic homes It’s normal for your lips to sting just eat a piece and then you’ll know exactly what to sing Our city streets are wide and bright our city fathers make us proud We see them and we clap so loud we can’t tell wrong from right We smash whatever’s close at hand and smell the bitter almond scent Chemical accelerant we’re choking in the stands parties to the Covenant of the Swollen Glands Our engineers have worked it out we make our food from mud We fill our yards up til they flood and we can eat whatever sprouts Our darling babies never wail they just have too much self esteem We always have blood in the cream and droppings in the pail But then again, New Quarantine is known to be upscale We people of New Quarantine we want to say hello to you We want this message to get through delivered like a magazine Thank you for your selflessness the work you didn’t ask for Thank you for being poor and living life with less Believe us when we say the more you have the more you stress
Seafaring 05:04
We wake up at dawn when the lookouts start to sing about the sea and the Captain’s sailor’s heart We swab decks in the morning and then we polish things we work and whistle the song the caged bird sings I’m always dreaming my dream that I’m incredibly free I’ve finally opened up my place, my bistro called Chez Me You are watering some plants we keep down in the hold nursing them along to a new world from an old Seafaring Do you remember when we weren’t sure we were gonna go seafaring? It wasn’t much to look at, our SS Awkward Caring But we still went down to the docks every single dawn to look out at the pier and watch the seaweed growing on that little porch in Berkeley where you gave me your eyes big and dark and circley, my lifetime in disguise And then that house in Maryland got cancer in its walls and we made all those long and sad phone calls Yeah, and we were gone seafaring And you know that part of me that loves to think it’s so wild That lives behind the center for the 40-year-old child By the M. Zapruder Archives of Screen Memories where it drinks from the Fountains of Take Care of Me Please And it yowls all day its favorite tune the National Anthem of the Wasted Afternoon By the Clearinghouse of Cosmic Light where they truck in the moonbeams and cut em up at night? Well he’s gone seafaring And it’s true that things were different when I used to be alone And that everything still kind of bores me unless it’s my own But I still signed on to this trip to look after other stuff and I gave my heart truly to Captain Enough’s Enough And I really do care how we coil the line but it really doesn’t matter if it’s your hand or it’s mine that is shutting out the light when it’s time to go to bed or charting a course through these oceans in my head Yeah, cause it’s all seafaring
Hide and seek I hear you counting numbers one two three my body sliding under don’t you peek I’m missing do you wonder where I’ll be I’m hiding hiding hiding Look at me… Ready or not now here I come now here I come now I am coming now Do you know where I am can you find me where I am hid? Look at me… [Hide and seek / Ready or not now / Do you know where I am…]
Where did you want to be by now When the first act was over where did you think you’d be? Did you want to be alone? Did you want to be overthrown? What did you want? Flying away doesn’t solve everything but it can help There’s a part of you you always used to miss It’s always off somewhere looking for a sweeter kiss Flying away didn’t solve everything did it help? There you go… riding a Chinese cruiser in a faraway place mmm / ooh There you go… riding a Chinese cruiser in a faraway place
This isn’t my song but it’s very familiar I think it began on the day I was born But it could’ve been when we sat by an ocean somewhere Eating salad, fish and corn Do you remember me on a typical evening I’d have been dreaming of rowboats, of manning my oar Watching some rain drip down onto some sand While you stood behind me in the doorway A house by a shore where the waves sang and sang “come on, come out here” but you stood between the warmth of life and that cold calling sea as we all sang Goodnight Irene And when you’d sit down and play your guitar You’d play songs in a meter that is measured in days and in months and years so it takes a whole life to hear the whole song someone plays Oh my darling oh my darling oh my darling you sang and you meant it when you looked each one of us in the eye There is a difference between living and drowning that I’ve learned to recognize as time goes by And sometimes I’ve thought in the moment I die I’m gonna see that my body was just our old Sharp turntable it’s been spinning that same one song all along and when I look down at the label it won’t say a thing I’ll just hear that familiar movement of air through the tweeter and the horn just a song about some people by an ocean somewhere eating salad fish and corn
Twelve middle schoolers chewing gum in each one’s body a beating drum going two at a time into the gas station messing around on summer vacation hide hide hide hide hide hide in plain sight potato chips and stinging lips chicken nuggets on freighter ships organic farm up on the moon oh Great Spirit come down soon hide hide hide hide hide hide in plain sight plastic knives inscribing signs please accept this Sprite and these Red Vines ritual tree that rules this place come on and show us your invisible face hide hide hide hide hide hide in plain sight…
Eden was a bad place to unwind Adam used to lie on peacock feathers peel another perfect orange rind and curse another day of perfect weather He would look around at God’s idea of wilds and say to Eve there are some things we should demand her voice was small she was just a child and she’d say Adam, I don’t think you understand All through the night you can’t sleep your body is a lost mountain climber your mind goes beep beep beep all the way up to the uncountable numbers So you crawl down to the base of your awareness you are searching for a cable or a strand and you shout living this way is careless and it echoes I don’t think you understand We were all standing at the crotch of the bay where some steps made out of stone were sinking in the grass we were all up at Death’s vacation house to play we were thinking he’d give most of us a pass and so I grabbed him by his musty-smelling cloak and I asked him why he bought that piece of land I said how can you live this way when some are broke and he said Michael I don’t think you understand then he said to me the trees are in the forest side by side the rocks are on that mountain with the snow the sun is in the heavens far and wide and something always has to go below there’s salt in the water of the sea there’s sugar in the fruit of the land but if you think there’s an answer in me I don’t think you understand There’s malice in the eyeballs of every day in the apple vitamin and grocery cart Courageous is your sunny breakfast tray and that crossword you are never gonna start the puzzle you are never gonna solve and everything that’s in somebody else’s hand if the world did sing a song while it revolved it might be I don’t think you understand


Announcing Latecomers, a richly textured musical journey that delves inward to domestic intimacy & outward to the wasteland of modern American life

10% of all proceeds from the sale of Latecomers will be donated to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion nonprofit organizations.


released October 16, 2020

Produced by Michael Zapruder and Scott Solter
Engineered by Scott Solter, with Eli Crews, Grant Eppley, and Michael Zapruder
Mixed by Scott Solter
Mastered by Dave McNair


all rights reserved



Michael Zapruder Austin, Texas

“Michael Zapruder makes beautiful folk-pop ballads resonant of the voice of Rufus Wainwright and wordplay of Andrew Bird" – Pitchfork

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